Healthy Hair

Everyone wants healthy hair. No matter if your hair is one inch long or down your back we all want the same thing. Well in order to achieve this your must take care of your hair. There are definitely some do’s and dont’s to this process. We all cannot have hair like Rapunzel but learning to deal with and love what you have will bring you fulfillment.

What are you putting into your body? Are you eating leafy greens and vegetables? If your body is lacking any nutrients it will consume what it lacks in the food you eat and therefore your hair will only get whats left. Make sure you are taking vitamins, if needed. Biotin’s a great vitamin for the hair and nails.  Are you drinking plenty of water? Most people I ask only drink 2 glasses of water, if that in a day. And then they wonder why their has is dry.  The body needs at least 8 glasses of water a day. What are you using to wash your hair with? Are you seeking a professional for recommendations.  Are you letting a professional apply your chemical services, if you receive these services? Are you getting deep conditioners or reconstructors? Do you get your hair trimmed regularly? Please don’t think that because you have natural hair that you can wait a year to get your ends trimmed. What routine are you doing to your hair on a daily basis? Do you wrap your hair at night? How many times a week do you put heat on it? Do you have a weave? is it professionally installed?  Please ask yourself these questions and answer them truthfully. Then you can map out a plan to put these steps into place to achieve healthy hair.

These are just some basic ways to take care of your hair.  Doing this will most likely prevent you from spending thousands on “quick fixes” such as weaves or hair replacement.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Use a reputable brand of hair care to wash, condition and style your hair.  Wash and sanitize your styling tools at least once a week. Wrap your hair nightly, or put in a LOOSE ponytail. DO NOT use rubber bands in your hair. If you are wrapping your hair nightly, alternate where you tie the wrap each day to avoid hair breakage in that area.

Always let a professional perform any chemial services. Get deep conditioners  or reconstructors reguarly. Trim your ends reguarly. Make sure you are not anemic. It plays a part in the health of your hair. Keep your hair moisturized. This does not mean putting oil on your scalp, oiling your scalp will only clogg your pores. Which will cause other problems. Have a consultation with a professional stylist so that they can help you achieve these practices. Most consultations are free.

If you follow these steps you should be on your way to healthier hair. Good Luck


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